Magnetic Lymph Detox Bracelet

The Magnetic Lymph Detox Bracelet contains 5 tiny but powerful magnets that when worn over time will significantly reduce swelling on lymph nodes and reduce 60% excess lymph fluid in the body.

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Doris Brakus
OMG!!! 10⭐️ I too am now a believer!

OMG!!!! I Purchased this item based on the reviews. Of course I was very skeptical. I could’ve returned it if it didn’t work. Well now, I would like this to be made into a necklace, a belt, anklets! Oh for God’s sake a body suit!!! I cannot believe this really does work. I have arthritis, carpal tunnel, and a ganglion cyst on my right hand. I started wearing this and by the second day I started to notice a difference. It was not immediate it was gradual. I have been wearing this now for a week. My wrist pain is gone. I am saying even the Ganglion cyst disappeared. I would’ve given it five stars except for the adjustment to remove two links was a bear. So that’s why I gave it only four stars. As for effectiveness, a 10+. Thank you Cartissmo for caring such a wonderful product! By the way I wear it 24/7.

Margaret Robel
Worth every penny

I love this bracelet! I've worn magnetic bracelets for the last 12 years, and they have really helped my arthritis. Because of health issues, I cannot take arthritis medicine or medication like Ibuprofen. I wanted a new bracelet; I tried another brand before purchasing this one. There were not as many magnets nor were they as powerful; I had to return it because my pain returned. I ordered this one then. I especially like that this one is stainless steel, light weight, beautiful, and has powerful magnets in the narrow bracelet. If you have arthritis, it's worth giving this bracelet a try. I adjusted it to fit close to my skin as recommended, and I wear it all the time. I highly recommend!

Janell Ward
Elegant Look and effective! Great Purchase

At first, I was so skeptical about the therapeutic magnetic jewelry even though my brother is wearing it for years. I still did not believe that it works, but because of my different types of injuries, health is a big issue on me. I am old now the more pains I suffered. Last month, I decided to buy this magnetic anklet because of my severe legs soreness, pain on my shin and calf. I play tennis and I can't avoid jumping and when I jump I feel like my shin is about to break. When I start wearing this, I've noticed that I forgot the pain on my shin&calf. I observe it for (2) weeks and I did not feel it although I still have other discomfort in some other part of my body as I've mentioned earlier I have multiple injuries, I've been in the rehab with my physical therapist for more than (2) years so I don't think all my health issue will be solved with one (1) anklet. This anklet is really helping my pains and I actually bought a bracelet so my carpal tunnel also will go away (I hope) finger's cross. The anklet is beautiful and elegant looking I got compliment from my co worker she was amazed when I told her that it is a therapeutic anklet and it works well on me. I hope my bracelet is also elegant looking. I am not a jewelry wearer, but if it helps lessen my pain, I'll go for it.

I am supposed to give this a (4) star because of the clasp is really hard to remove, but when I contact the seller I changed my mind because Mendy (the owner) was very helpful, she/he offered me to send a spare just in case I will break the one on my anklet and she/he said it is intentionally made it tight so it will not get lost. Mendy has an excellent customer service. Overall, I love my purchase and I wear it every day even when sleeping.

Nadia Rempel
From skeptic to believer!

I'm an author and i was having serious wrist and elbow pain. I typically write 8+ hours a day and a compression wrist guard was helping but i was still in pain. I bought this on a whim, the reviews were good so i thought i would give it a try, not fully believing that it would help at all. It's been amazing!!! I've had zero pain. I wear it 24/7!

Art Frami
A sceptic, turned into a believer!!

I bought two of these bracelets, one for myself and one for my daughter. I hoped that this bracelet would work but I really thought it would be a waste of money. I have had trouble bending over just to put my socks on since I was 27, I am now 54, I was shocked that after wearing it for less then 24 hours I was able to bend over and touch the ground and stand back up quickly WITHOUT PAIN. I was also able to easily crawl around on the floor with my 6 mo old twin grandsons, which I could not do before. Between my back and my knees, I could barely get back up off the floor again. Now I can play on the floor with them as much as I want to.

When I gave my daughter hers for Christmas, she laughed at me and said it was all in my head, but she agreed to put hers on and wear it for a few days just to humor me. She has had bad knees for at least 15 years, and has had surgery on one of them. When I saw her again a week later she told me after three days she took it off, because she didn't think it worked. BUT, she then told me that the after a few hours she noticed her knees were hurting, so she put the bracelet back on. She said a couple of hours later she noticed the pain was gone again. 😊 She is also now a believer.

My lower back still has a dull ache occassionally. I have been wearing it 24/7 for only two weeks, and I am hopefull I will continue to improve.

I really like the looks of this bracelet too. I bought the silver and it is not textured or shiny, and it is 3500 gauss magenets, not 3000 or less, like most of the other brands on Amazon. It has a very sleek profile with a really nice satin finish. I have had several compliments on it.

Yes, the magnets work. I know this because sometimes paper clips get stuck to the bracelet when I am at work.

I definitely recommend trying this as an alternative to using pain relievers, or just living with being in pain. I now know that I can have a better quality life and wish I had found this option years ago!! 😁👍👍👌

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